Downtown Dog Lounge is dedicated to meeting all of the needs of your beloved furry family members. If you would like to bring your dog in for daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, or training please create an online profile.

In order to create an account with us we require a credit card to keep on file. This card will be charged when reservations or appointments are not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.

Grooming appointments can be made online and do not require an evaluation. A $50 missed appointment fee will be charged for grooming no-shows. Cancellations with at least 24 hours notice will not be charged a missed appointment fee.

Missed daycare/boarding evaluation appointments will be charged $59 to the credit card on file.

Late arrivals to grooming or evaluation appointments may need to be rescheduled to avoid delays for other scheduled clients.


All dogs coming to our facility for daycare or overnight boarding must first take part in an Evaluation. Evaluations are done by appointment only, and are priced the same as a day of daycare. Evals typically run about 5 hours. This extended time allows our staff get to know your dog and make sure our facility is the right fit for your pooch! Please note your scheduled drop-off time, late arrivals may need to be rescheduled.

Evaluation day is essentially a normal day of daycare, except our team of handlers and trainers will be watching your dog more closely to ensure they are adapting and fitting in well. We will do a touch test to make sure they’re okay being handled, a crate test to make sure they can be in a crate without hurting themselves (whining or barking is OK!), and watching how they interact in a group environment.

Your dog must complete an evaluation at EACH location* before booking services at that location — passed evaluations do not transfer between locations.
I.E., If your dog passed their evaluation at SLU, you can book at SLU, but cannot book daycare or boarding at Ballard until they have been evaluated there.


  • Up-to-date DHPP & Rabies vaccination records must be uploaded in order to schedule your evaluation. Bordetella vaccinations are required every six months.
    As a service to you and your pup, we offer an intranasal Bordetella vaccination at all of our locations at a cost of $28. This can be administered on your evaluation day if requested.
  • If you have adopted a dog over the age of six months from a rescue or a rehoming situation, we ask that you wait until the dog has been in your household for a minimum of two months before requesting an evaluation.
  • All dogs over the age of eight months must have a certificate of spay or neuter in order to be evaluated. Grooming, bathing, and training appointments do not require an evaluation.
  • Dogs that have not been to DDL in the past 6 months (daycare or boarding) must complete a re-eval at your boarding location prior to booking a boarding stay.
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How to Book/Sign Up

  1. Create a pet profile through Gingr, our pet-care portal.
  2. Upload your pooch’s vaccination records to your pet profile.
  3. After creating your profile, please email the location you would like your dog to visit to request an Evaluation: or Please allow 2 business days for our reservations specialist to review your request and all requirements prior to scheduling.
  4. Our reservations team will reach out with more information and a new dog questionnaire for you to fill out so we can get to know your dog a bit before they come in! This will also allow our team to make the best recommendations for services and locations.
  5. Once we receive up-to-date vaccinations and the new dog questionnaire, our reservations team will assist in booking your dog’s evaluation at one of our three locations. Due to high demand, we may be unable to book your evaluation for 1-4 weeks — we cannot guarantee boarding dates prior to the evaluation being passed, so please schedule your dog’s evaluation in advance.
  6. On evaluation day, all you have to do is show up and drop off your pooch! Expect your dog to be in our care for ~5 hours. We will call you if there are any issues, and you will receive a detailed report card afterwards.
  7. Once your pooch passes their evaluation, they may schedule daycare or boarding at the location they were evaluated at. You may request services through your pet profile or by directly contacting the store. Their first day of daycare after their evaluation day is free so we can ensure they are still adjusting and getting used to the environment.

Health and Wellness

If your dog is sick, we kindly ask that you keep them at home until they are no longer contagious. Dogs say hello with their noses and their backends, so some viruses can easily spread in a highly social environment like dog daycare and boarding, parks and off-leash play areas. Please do not bring them in if they are showing signs of illness or diarrhea. If your pet has been to the vet within 10 days prior to your arrival, please let our concierge know so they can look for signs of illness during their stay.

We reserve the right to turn away any sick dogs coming into our facilities for the well-being of the other dogs in our care.

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