We hope you are all staying healthy during the ongoing pandemic. We are working hard to serve you and your pup by taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our clients, pups, and staff:

  • The drop-off process is now contact-less and in line with social distancing regulations.
  • Complimentary disinfectant service provided for your pooches’ leads and leashes.
  • Hand washing stations have been installed at the entrances of all locations.
  • Hands-free door systems installed wherever possible to minimize unnecessary contact among employees.
  • Before sending your pooch home with you, we apply a plant enzyme spritz on their paws and an oatmeal coconut spray to their back.

As a gentle reminder, significant changes in routine are likely stressful to your pooch and could result in them becoming unfamiliar with our daycare environment. We ask that you maintain a similar schedule with your pooch by bringing them to daycare at least once a week. We love seeing your pup and regular visits are beneficial to their mental well-being by reducing potential stress associated with returning to an unfamiliar environment. Also, dogs that visit quarterly will get priority for holiday Boarding.

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What is dog daycare?

At Downtown Dog Lounge, dog daycare is a place where your pooch can socialize and play with others and receive constant human supervision.  Many people love our services because it helps socialize their dog, keeps their dog entertained throughout the day as opposed to being crated or destructive at home. Our spacious play yards let them run, romp and burn energy throughout the day so they are not wound up when you finish the work day.

Why isn’t my dog playing all day during daycare?

For a variety of different reason, dogs are often rotated in and out of the play group throughout the day.  These reasons can include an intact male and female who are not allowed to play together, two dogs who just can’t quite seem to get along with one another, anyone who just looks like they need a break, or breed-related reasons (too many herding dogs herding, too many restricted breeds for insurance purposes, etc.).  We empower our people to manage each unique pack on a daily basis to maximize play time for each dog while keeping the park safe and peaceful.

Why does my dog need the bordetella vaccination every 6 months?

The bordetella vaccination is administered to prevent kennel cough, which is more easily contracted in social environments. Upon opening, we consulted with veterinarians and decided this was the right thing to do. Our purpose is not to over-vaccinate any pooches, just to do everything we can to keep kennel cough from becoming an issue in our facilities. We offer a non-injectable intra-nasal version of this vaccination in-house.

Why does my dog need a quick-release collar?

Quick-release collars are an extra measure of safety when your pooch is playing with the others.  So much of dog play is done with their mouths, and any garments that dogs are wearing can get caught on teeth or tangled.  The reason we require the quick-release collar is so that we can snap the collar open in the rare instance that any pups should get a collar caught on their teeth or tangled with another.  Belt buckle style collars do not give us the ability to quickly separate dogs in a situation like this.  Collars can become chewed if dogs are playing at DDL on a regular basis.  We offer a number of affordable collars and options to store them here if you wish to have a different collar at home.  Harnesses are not to be worn in the parks unless specifically recommended by a vet.

What is the difference between a full day and a half day of daycare?

Our cut off point is 5 hours and we also offer hourly daycare.  From 1-2 hours you will be charged the hourly rate.  From 2-5 hours you will be charged a half day.  Beyond 5 hours you will be charged a full day.  We offer packages in both half day increments and full day increments, but these are not interchangeable.  I.e.- you cannot come in for two half days and use one day out of your full day package.  If you have the need for both services from time to time, it is best two carry two separate packages.

How do boarding charges work?

Our boarding billing operates on a 24 hour cycle.  The nightly rate covers 24 hours from the time that you drop your pooch off (plus a one hour grace period).  On the last day of your pooch’s stay, any applicable daycare rates beyond this 24 hour period will be charged (full day, half day, or hourly).

Why do you charge a daycare meal fee?

DDL applies a meal fee for dogs who are fed during daycare to account for the additional labor required to pull dogs in and out of the play group and prepare meals. We make exceptions to this rule for pups under 6 months of age and for unlimited package holders. When coming in for a full day of daycare, we recommend that you feed your pooch before and after daycare. We also want to limit the amount of output in the parks; by doing so, this prevents ingestion or interest from other dogs and allows us fully concentrate on supervising the dogs. This fee does not apply to dogs staying for overnight boarding.

What is an after-hours fee?

An after-hours fee is a fee that results in dropping your dog off or picking your dog up outside of our normal business hours.  We are staffed 24/7/365, so this is always an option; however we are minimally staffed outside of normal business hours.  Clients who purchase monthly, half-year, and full-year unlimited daycare packages are not subject to after-hours fees.  If something comes up and your dog needs to stay late or if you just know you need to drop off early or pick up late, we always appreciate a heads-up by calling, emailing, or telling the front desk staff.  If a dog is here beyond midnight, they will be checked in to boarding and appropriate fees will apply.  The price difference between daycare + late fee and one night of boarding is minimal, so depending on your situation, it may make sense to pick up the next day.

We offer a 30 minute grace period for pick up after Grooming, Bathing, and Boarding.  If your dog is not picked up within the expected time, it will roll into hourly Daycare chargesPlease note for Grooming clients, we are limited on holding space. If your dog is not picked up at the expected time and requires a walk potty break, walking fees will apply as well as daycare charges.

Do you accept puppies? How old do they need to be?

We love puppies! For their well-being, we ask that parents wait until they’re at least 10 weeks old before bringing them to us. The time period from 8-10 weeks is a crucial stage in a dog’s life and it is important that they spend as much time bonding with you as possible. For the safety of the other dogs under our care, we require that puppies complete all rounds of Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations before playing in the parks. If they’re still waiting to get their Rabies vaccine we can keep them in our puppy nursery. While here, your pup will learn to walk on a leash, crate train and get lots of love from staff and plenty of Bark Breaks (short potty walks on the leash).

Do you accept recently adopted dogs?

For pooch parents who have recently adopted, first of all, thank you!  For the overall well-being of recently-adopted dogs, it is our policy that dogs must be in their new home for at least 2 months prior to being evaluated for using daycare and boarding services.  Experience has taught us that dogs have a tendency to handle the group play environment much better after they have had time to acclimate to their new home environment.

Where does my dog go to the bathroom?

Although our facilities are indoor, dogs do not generally view them as an incorrect place to use the bathroom.  There are lots of doggy smells and areas that encourage urination.  All of our play areas are under constant human supervision and messes are cleaned up as quickly as possible.  Although dogs not using the restroom indoors at our facility is extremely rare, we do offer outdoor walks as an addition to any daycare or boarding stay.

How long do I have to pick up my dog after a bath or groom?

Please pick up your dog no more than two hours after we have notified you that he or she is ready.  Dogs that are not picked up within two hours will be charged applicable daycare or walk rates.  Keep in mind that dogs who are here for daycare and grooming may only play with the daycare and boarding dogs if they have passed a new dog evaluation.

Why do you charge for new dog evaluations?

The new dog evaluation is the same price as a full day of daycare due to the fact that it IS  a full day of daycare. Your dogs behavior will be assessed throughout the day to see how they interact with the other dogs.

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