Dog Daycare is a great way to help your pup socialize with other dogs and give them a fun outlet for their sometimes boundless energy. At Downtown Dog Lounge, we strive to offer the best daycare service in Seattle for both pooch and parent. We ensure safety by providing 24/7 human monitoring, making sure all dogs are vaccinated, and by having each of our pooches undergo an evaluation with one of our staff members to make sure that the environment is right for them. Best of all, you can watch your dog play on our live webcams!

Check out our rates below.  If you are a new client, please visit our New Clients section to get started today!

Puppy Information

We love puppies! For their well-being, we ask that parents wait until they’re at least 10 weeks old before bringing them to us. The time period from 8-10 weeks is a crucial stage in a dog’s life and it is important that they spend as much time bonding with you as possible. For the safety of the other dogs under our care, we require that puppies complete all rounds of Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations before playing in the parks. If they’re still waiting to get their Rabies vaccine we can keep them in our puppy nursery. While here, your pup will learn to walk on a leash, crate train and get lots of love from staff and plenty of Bark Breaks (short potty walks on the leash).

Health & Wellness

If your dog is sick, we kindly ask that you keep them at home until they are no longer contagious. Dogs say hello with their noses and their backends, so some viruses can easily spread in a highly social environment like Downtown Dog Lounge. Please do not bring them in if they are showing signs of illness or diarrhea. If you have brought them into the vet within 10 days prior to your arrival, please let our concierge know so they can look for signs of illness during their stay. We reserve the right to turn away any sick dogs coming into our facilities for the well-being of the other dogs in our care.

Enrichment Daycare

All dogs need varying amounts of mental stimulation, and sometimes traditional daycare isn’t the best fit. With Enrichment Daycare, we carefully select a group of dogs that match each other’s temperament to provide a comfortable space for them to learn boundaries and build confidence. The best way to describe Enrichment is as a mixture of daycare and obedience training. Older dogs and shy dogs also benefit from Enrichment by tailoring daycare activities to their comfort level of stimulation. We will use treats in these sessions to encourage good behavior and teach simple cues, so please inform us of any allergies that your dog may have. Please visit our Enrichment page for more information.

Full Day


5 Day Package- $220.00

10 Day Package- $410.00

20 Day Package- $765.00

Monthly Unlimited- $765.00

Half Year Unlimited- $4,100.00

Annual Unlimited- $7,695.00

*5, 10, and 20 day packages expire after 6 months from date of purchase.

Half Day (under 5 hours)


5 Half Day Package- $165.00

10  Half Day Package- $300.00

20 Half Day Package- $560.00

*5, 10, and 20 day packages expire after 6 months from date of purchase.

Enrichment Full Day/ Half Day


Add-on to Daycare- $20.00



Add-On Activities

Wee Walk- $14.00

Long Walk- $22.00

Love Junkies/ Ball Junkies- $14.00

Peanut Butter Filled Kong- $5.00

Daycare Lunch Fee- $8.00

*Meal fee exempt for puppies under 6 months and unlimited package holders.