Go Solo: All in One Dog Care Specialist

Go Solo, an online resource for small businesses, interviewed Elise to find out more about launching and maintaining a business as a single mom.

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in pet care business, but not sure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Elise Vincentini, owner of Downtown Dog Lounge, DDL Bakery, and Dog Yard Bar, located in Seattle, Washington.

What’s your business and who are your customers?

I started my business in 2002, wanting to create a better way for people to connect and care for their dogs. My customers are Seattle dog owners who travel, work, or have commitments requiring them to get special services for their dogs while…

Elise Vincentini
Downton Dog Lounge owner: Elise Vincentini

Welcome to Downtown Dog Lounge

Downtown Dog Lounge is a Seattle family owned and operated dog daycare center with three locations in South Lake Union, Ballard, and Elliott Avenue. We pride ourselves on delivering peace of mind in a safe environment by caring for every dog as our own.  We ensure safety by providing 24/7 human monitoring, making sure all dogs are vaccinated, and by having each of our pooches undergo an evaluation with one of our staff members to make sure that the environment is right for them.

Our services include Seattle’s finest day care / play care, overnight boarding, grooming, and training. We sell retail items to meet all of your dog’s food, fashion, and safety needs. Our amazing team of handlers, trainers, groomers, and all-around-dog-loving people is always expanding. If you’re interested in joining, visit our career opportunities page.

Our Story

A story from the owner – Elise Vincentini

“My inspiration for Downtown Dog Lounge came to me when my dog Lily became sick with bloat. While she lay on my lap during her recovery, the plan for this business unfolded. I was always out of town for work and needed a trustworthy place where I could leave her. I wanted to know that whenever we were apart, I could take comfort knowing she was safe and being adequately cared for. She inspired me to create something out of love, respect, and complete appreciation for her life that was almost taken too soon. Thankfully, Lily fully recovered and was by my side when I opened the business in 2002.

At Downtown Dog Lounge, we strive to exceed your expectations. Your pooch’s well-being is our #1 concern. We want you and your pup to feel comfortable and at home when you walk through the doors. We provide live webcams so that you can check in on your dog anytime and text photos daily so you can see them even when you’re out of town.  Every dog and human will be treated with equal respect.  Please let us know how we can serve you best and thank you for trusting your pooch with us!”

Elise and Lily

Elise Featured on With a Dog podcast!

With A Dog Podcast is a couple of Seattle dog moms, chatting about life with dogs. In their August 5, 2020 episode, they talk with Elise.

Here’s the episode description:
This week is all about doggy daycare and boarding We interview Elise, the badass dog mom behind a well known Seattle based doggy daycare, the Downtown Dog Lounge. Elise tells us how she got started, how her business has grown over the years, and what she has done to ensure she provides the best service to dog parents and their dogs!

With a Dog poscast