We are now offering Training for dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities at Elliott and SLU

This is a great way to teach your pooch not only the basics but also a refresh on basic obedience commands needed to help your dog become a well-mannered member of the family.

Questions about training? Please contact trainer@downtowndoglounge.com
Seattle dog training

Dog Training Sessions, 1:1, with or without parent

available at Elliott and SLU locations

This class reflects real life situations and solutions. The course material includes essential obedience skills such as sit, look, come, wait, stay, loose-leash walking, leave it, drop it and manners for greeting dogs and people. Only non-aggressive dogs are welcome. Students should bring a six-foot leash, Martingale training collar (or harness for toy breeds) and small treats

One-on-One Rates

50 Minute Session (with or without owner) $89
5 pack of 50 Minute Sessions $435
8 pack of 50 Minute Sessions $655
15 Minute Training Walk $30
25 Minute Training Walk $45
45 Minute In Park Training $56
**A $50 fee will be assessed for cancellations not made within 24 hours of scheduled training sessions
puppy training class

Puppy Basics Class at DDL Elliott
5 week course | $235

Starting puppies out on the right foot is a key to a great, lifelong relationship with your pooch. In this easygoing, fun class, puppies will learn basic concepts while getting the chance to socialize with other dogs. In this positive training class we will cover house training, leash walking and basic obedience necessary to have a well trained, happy puppy.

To help socialize our pups – the first five minutes of every class will be devoted to play. A light six-foot leash, a Martingale collar or harness and treats are required.

Puppies should be 10 to 20 weeks of age and have all vaccinations up to date. Though puppies will not generally be fully vaccinated until they are 16 weeks of age, those younger than this will have received adequate vaccinations to participate in class with puppies younger than 20 weeks.

dogs at daycare

New DDL Clients

All dogs coming to our facility for daycare or overnight boarding must first take part in an Evaluation. After creating your profile, please email our reservations specialist at reservations@downtowndoglounge.com to request an Evaluation. Please allow 2 business days for our reservations specialist to discuss services of interest and review all requirements prior to scheduling. Grooming appointments can be made online and do not require an evaluation.

In order to create an account with us we will require a credit card to keep on file. A $50 missed appointment fee will be incurred in the event of a no show to our appointment-based evaluations. If you need to cancel within 24 hours of the evaluation, please notify our front desk to avoid being charged.