Got a dirty or shaggy dog in need of grooming?  The professionals at Downtown Dog Lounge’s full service Seattle grooming spas have got you covered for all of your pooch’s bath and haircut needs! Login to your Downtown Dog Lounge profile to book an appointment.

Bath and nail services are available seven days a week at both locations from 9:00AM-3:00PM, however we do sometimes fill up.  It is always best call the location which you wish to have your pooch bathed prior to showing up to check availability or make a reservation for a future date.  Prices vary by breed and baths include a nail trim, ear wash, blow dry, brush out, bandanna or bow, and anal gland expression (if necessary).  We also offer Spa Package and De-Shed Package add-ons with additional services to make sure your pooch leaves in tip top shape. The city of Seattle mandates that every dog that comes in for grooming or bathing must be current on their rabies vaccination.  If you are coming in for the first time, please bring or have your vet email us your pooch’s vaccination records.

Formal grooming services (haircuts) are available by appointment only.  Our professional groomers specialize in following your specific instructions to make sure your pooch goes home in style.

Check out our bathing and grooming rates below:

Haircuts & Bathing Rates
Full Bath & Blow OutVaries by Breed
       -All baths include nail trim and ear wash.
Full Brush Out (no bath)Varies by Breed
Formal Groom/ HaircutVaries by Breed
Sanitary Trim Starting at $10*
Wash n’ Go (under 40 lbs, slick coat only) $15.00
Wash n’ Go (over 40 lbs, slick coat only) $25.00
*A $50 fee will be assessed for cancellations not made within 24 hours of scheduled haircut appointments.
Ears, Nails, Teeth & Other
Nail Trim/Dremel $14.00
Pad Shave $10.00
Nail Pawlish $14.00
Herbal Ear Wash $10.00
Teeth Brushing $12.00
Anal Gland Expression $12.00
Add-On Packages (add to bath or groom)
De-Shed Package ($20) includes:
*Coconut Verbena Shed Control Shampoo used during bath.
*Soak in conditioning solution with Omega 3’s & fatty acids to reduce cling.
*Rubber brush used during bath.
*FURminator brushing before and after bath.
*Blow Dry.
Urban Spa Package ($15) includes:
*Premium Shampoo
*Teeth brushing
*Breath spray
*Nail filing
*Soothing conditioner
 Flea & Tick Package ($20) includes:
*Bath and soak with special flea & tick shampoo
*Spa pack services including:  teeth brushing, breath spray, and nail filing.
*All prices subject to change.