What is Enrichment?

All dogs need varying amounts of mental stimulation, and sometimes traditional daycare isn’t the best fit. With Enrichment Daycare, we carefully select a group of dogs that match each other’s temperament to provide a comfortable space for them to learn boundaries and build confidence. The best way to describe Enrichment is as a mixture of daycare and obedience training. Older dogs and shy dogs also benefit from Enrichment by tailoring daycare activities to their comfort level of stimulation. We will use treats in these sessions to encourage good behavior and teach simple cues, so please inform us of any allergies that your dog may have.

Each dog participating in Enrichment will receive two separate guided play sessions where a Trainer or Enrichment Specialist is paired with your dog to ensure the best daycare experience. All play sessions will have structured activities that will stimulate your dog mentally and improve their focus while other dogs are present.

Activities include:

  • Puppy Push-ups
  • The Name Game
  • Focus Group
  • Puppy Pageant
  • Meet and Greet
  • …and much more!

Why participate in Enrichment?

Our intention for offering enrichment is to provide a top-quality daycare experience that is safe, fun, and makes your dog happy. We are aware that some dogs aren’t quite ready for big group play due to temperament, age, or experience, and enrichment can help bridge this social gap. With the help of caring and professionally-trained staff, Enrichment daycare dogs will be able to build confidence and manners in a safe space, while you as the pet parent can have peace of mind knowing your pup is receiving extra attention.

Reservations for Enrichment can be made online, over the phone by calling (206) 282-DOGS, or in person.

dogs playing on ramps

Enrichment Options

Puppy Play Time

Included in Puppy Nursery & Enrichment $49

Two 15 minute sessions per day
Offered Monday-Friday

Purpose: prepare for park play, manners, socialization, ebb and flow of play manners for dogs under 20 weeks of age.

Shy Dogs

Enrichment Daycare $69/ Enrichment Half Day $44

Two 15 minute sessions per day
Offered Monday-Friday

Purpose: Confidence in the parks, socializing, building tolerance to larger play group, enjoying larger social play


Enrichment Daycare $69/ Enrichment Half Day $44

Two 15 minute sessions per day
Offered Monday-Friday

Purpose: Improve recall, focus, impulse control, and provide task-oriented play. This play group addresses common behaviors such as herding, mounting, and rough play for dogs 20 weeks- 3 years old.