Dog Massaging

As we get older it can be easy to forget that our dogs are aging with us. Their joints will stiffen and lose flexibility from both age and inactivity. Giving them a monthly massage or bringing them to a professional pet masseuse can help combat this and give you more time with your best friend.

Dog massage is a good way to improve your dog’s blood circulation and pump fluids through their tissues, as well as relieve pressure on tendons. Doing this once a month can prevent stiffness and pain that contributes to arthritis. It’s great for physical therapy if your dog is recovering from an illness or surgery, not to mention can be incredibly relaxing.

Before trying out your masseuse skills on your dog we highly recommend doing a bit of research. Massaging a dog is much different than massaging a human, and hitting the wrong spot can cause your dog serious pain.

Have your dog lie on their side or stomach and focus on working the back, neck, and shoulders.

Be gentle, take it slow, and listen to your pup. If you don’t feel confident about your technique, we recommend taking them to a licensed pet masseuse.