Benefits of De-Shedding

For anyone who owns a dog that sheds, you know how vacuuming can seem like a never ending battle. While de-shedding can certainly make cleaning your house more manageable, it can also make your dog more comfortable and overall healthier.

Shedding is a natural process when old (and often dead) hair falls out to make room for a new, healthy coat. Long-haired dogs typically shed seasonally, while short-haired dogs shed year round. Dogs with longer hair also tend to get knots if they haven’t been brushed for awhile, which can be painful and lead to matting in their coat and cause them to overheat.

Just like with cats, their coats contain natural oils that are meant to be dispersed throughout their whole body. While cats do this by cleaning themselves regularly, dogs tend to need some assistance.

If you don’t like brushing your dog regularly, we can help. Having a professional de-shedding service can help remove larger quantities of hair and leave them with a healthy, shiny coat. It’s also a great way to check for any skin impurities that might require medical attention.

At Downtown Dog Lounge we apply a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to lift out the dead hair follicles to allow the new ones to come in. We then blow dry your pup to blow away the loosened hair before spending an extra 30 minutes brushing them out. By the end we will have your dog feeling healthier, happier, and likely a bit lighter as well.